LINK Daytime

☀️Torniamo in via Fantoni con un nuovo capitolo di questa entusiasmante stagione: LINK Daytime, party open air, eclettico e open-minded. Dalle 16 fino all’alba, 4 stage nel cubo del Link, spazio di incontro per decine di crew, dj e amici.
Free Entry till 20:00
Market & Food Area
19:00 Guenda O’C
20:30 Nic Federici
22:00 Flavio Deff & GDS
16:00 Adaig
17:30 Maryna
19:00 Bucci
20:30 Bazar
22:00 Dave Scott & gAs
20:00 Miss Schneider
21:20 Blondinky
22:40 Santa Carlotta
Performer: o.g. emma, liz postbellica, mattatroio
01:00-07:00 DJ ROTATION


08 - 09 Giu 2024


16:00 - 07:00

Ora locale

  • Fuso orario: America/New_York
  • Data: 08 - 09 Giu 2024
  • Ora: 10:00 - 01:00
Link Bologna


Link Bologna
via Fantoni 21 40127 Bologna, Emilia-Romagna
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Link is a multimedia lab and landmark for the promotion of cultural events, of all conceivable form of art, digital and analogue, run by the Link Associated. Among its activities: art, theater, music, installations, courses, workshops, festivals, promotion of audio / video digital art, cinema, events, institutional collaborations (University of Bologna, Bologna Municipality, Province, San Donato District, Region of Emilia Romagna ), etc. Born from the ashes of the Link Project, which opened its activity Monday the 11th of April 1994 in the former warehouses of the Municipal Pharmacies in Fioravanti Street 14, Bologna. It remained in that location for ten years, until May 2004, when it was moved to its current headquarters in Fantoni Street 21, in Caab zone, a suburban area that is now centre of profound transformation due to the F.I.C.O. project / Eataly World. Link is an independent media-cultural center of international appeal. A space for concerts, live and DJ act, theatrical performances, projections and audiovisual installations, literature and poetry and other forms of linguistic innovation, which anticipated, in its planning and intent, the most modern multi-disciplinary festival.